The difference between an average stucco job and a superior one is in the details. From start to finish, Think Stucco performs the tasks critical to the art of stucco craftsmanship with skill and a commitment to excellence. Below you’ll find an outline of the steps we take to create the finest quality stucco project.

Image showing the layers of stucco application from lathing to browning to finish coat

Step 1: Lathing
The lathing process acts as a weather barrier for your home, so it’s the most critical phase. First, we install Weep Screed, which allows moisture to drain from the stucco system. Next, we apply two layers of Grade D tar paper moisture barrier. Finally, we secure a 3.4 galvanized self-furring metal lath to the surface. These essential processes often requires a city inspection.

Step 2: Browning
Browning protects the tar paper moisture barrier and adds a base for the finish coat. Our craftsmen combine Portland and Masonry Cement, common sand, water, and an acrylic add-mix to create browning, which we expertly apply by hand in a ¾ inch layer. This cures a minimum of seven days before we apply a Portland Traditional finish coat, or up to 28 days if you’ve chosen an acrylic finish.

Step 3: Finish Coat
The last and final step to a beautiful Think Stucco installation is the decorative texture and color phase. (This is the fun part!) There are two types of finish coats: conventional and synthetic. Each has different benefits. Conventional stucco has the “old world look,” is more breathable, and can be applied over rough surfaces. Synthetic finishes offer a greater variety of color choices and smoother finishes. For the average Minneapolis home, the finish coat phase takes 1-3 days.